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Acorn Advantage

Never invested before? Take full advantage of acorns to help you invest in your future. With so many great tools to help you get financially sound and put your cash to work for you. Acorns uses three ways to help you turn your seed in to a money tree. Growth path one. Link you bank cards credit or debit to take advantage of your digital loose change. So, you swipe your card at Made in Mexico on your night out in Dykeman. Acorn makes sure you still investing in your future by making that transaction round up to the nearest dollar. Taking the difference and putting to work for you. Growth path two. You set up a recurring payment to your acorns account. What’s recommend is that you do a weekly recurring payment to get the best out of dollar cost averaging in the market. Meaning that you are taking advantage of the market highs and lows while time passes on. If you can do it, 40 dollars a week should really get things kicking down the line. Growth path three. One-time

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