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Young Padawan (Mentorship)

My young padawans, there is so much to learn but yet a lifetime is not enough. This is why you have me to help cut down your time and help you overcome the minor hurdles that maybe on your path. To help you see pass your failures and to help you understand that those are nothing but a learning experience. To be a mentor is a great experience, as a mentor you think back on all those things that you did in life and use it to help guide your apprentice or “padawan”.
       An expression that I know everyone has said at least once in their lifetime is “ if I knew what I know now.” Even if it wasn't a mistake but if you knew that you could have just skipped that step or took some more time to do that one thing you would have. That’s what your mentor is for, someone that already walked your path before to a certain extent. Mean that being a medical doctor in the 80s is different from being one today; just cause technology alone have changed. But the goal, reason, passion and…

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