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Hello my name is David Alabi, I was born and raised in Harlem (Manhattan), New York. I am an October baby, the 4th if you ask. I live with my mother she was a single parent and i am the only child. My mother is from West African (Togolesse), but I had a big immediate family, we lived in this apartment building in Harlem on 123rd and 7th ave. I kind of had the best of both worlds with being an only child and having close members of family; just to give you some context, Me and my mother lived on the 6th floor, my grandmother at the time lived next door to us, then the two of my Aunts lived on the 5th floor and then my Uncle lived on the 2nd floor. One aunt had seven kids, the other had two and my uncle had three kids. Guess where we all meet up at? Grandma’s house! At the time was the best place to be. I learned some much while I was there, but there was also so much I missed out on. 

With that been said there was so many information that was lost to me and my family. From anywhere from financial knowledge, health and the changes in your community. That what I am here to do. Is to shed some light on a few things that I missed to see in my younger ages and that I am learning about now, that is still relevant. I will try to make things as simple as possible and give you a few ideas on where to go to get detailed information.

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