What on your Mind (Feed your Brain)

What on your Mind (Feed your Brain)

Magento knew how to train his mind and decided what to put in his mind. He didn't let negativity cloud his judgment or have people with bad intent stay around him for too long. He knew how it will effect him if he decided to hang around certain types of individuals for too long. Just like one of his best friends, the Professor. He did not let Professor's habits and way of living influence him because that was not the path Magento wanted for himself. We need to take a few pages from him. We all have friend(s) who don't walk the same path as us but we need to learn that even if they go down a different path we don’t need to change our own to stay friends with them.

People think their mental health is something not to take seriously. Your mind is one of your organs and your greatest muscle in your body. You need to be careful what you feed it and how you often train it.

I once read about a test done on a group of basketball players who were divided into three groups. They all took shots at a basketball court and it was recorded. In two week they were schedule to do the shots again. One of the group will practice there shots at that basketball court , the second one will not practice at all. The third group will read and imagine themselves shooting a better shot. Needless to say the group that practiced everyday had the best improvement in their shot. But the guys who only read and imagined themselves making a shot did much better than the ones who did nothing at all. In conclusion it just show you what you put your mind to and what you feed it can greatly affect your real world actions and outcomes. There was another study done where people was to surround themselves with images that made them happy. It could be anything from something that look tasty and enjoyable to them or a place that they would like to visit they have never been to. With the constant reminder of these objectives and it being with them daily they had a better attitude towards their day. It was reported that they had a more productive day and also had more energy than their previous week.

I have about 10 close friends I see or talk to at least once a week or more. All of us are into different things. Gaming, politics, selling and buying, entertainment, business and the market. One thing we always talk about is our future and what is next for us. Guess what the main thing on my mind? The next goal and how to better myself. I try to set goals no matter how big or small. With these goals for me they help with to maintain a certain balance in my life and learn the enjoy to everything no matter how small and be grateful for everything I have already. I do this in many different ways. I have a vision broad where I have random pictures and words on them; they will seem random to others but will mean a great deal to me. I also have a monthly planner; I try to plan out my monthly bills, activities I will like to do, quotes and notes. Ask your self now, Who are your closest friends? Are they in the way of your path or along side it? What are the things yall talk about daily? Is that ideas and concerns you think about when they not around? Tell Me how do you stay focus on your path or are you having issue with sticking to your main path? Let us know in the comments!

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By: David Alabi


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