Young Padawan (Mentorship)


My young padawans, there is so much to learn but yet a lifetime is not enough. This is why you have me to help cut down your time and help you overcome the minor hurdles that maybe on your path. To help you see pass your failures and to help you understand that those are nothing but a learning experience. To be a mentor is a great experience, as a mentor you think back on all those things that you did in life and use it to help guide your apprentice or “padawan”.

       An expression that I know everyone has said at least once in their lifetime is “ if I knew what I know now.” Even if it wasn't a mistake but if you knew that you could have just skipped that step or took some more time to do that one thing you would have. That’s what your mentor is for, someone that already walked your path before to a certain extent. Mean that being a medical doctor in the 80s is different from being one today; just cause technology alone have changed. But the goal, reason, passion and fundamental have not changed.

Keys to mentorship is communication and to give time to develop. With communication you do not want the message to be interpret wrong and you need the time to be able to see result. Anakin loss sight of the process and was misguided by another that wanted to destroy the vision of his teacher. There was a final key that anyone should keep in mind is trust. You need a certain level of trust with your mentor to be able to really see and believe the plans that they laid out for you.

Now of days there are some many ways to get a mentor. With the power of technology you can have a mentor for across the planet. On top of that to be able to stay in contact with that wise person at any period of time. The old school ways are still not played out, people had mentor since before that vast improvement of tech. Mentor came in all types of forms from teacher to partners to books. Books are still one of the best mentors (audio books as well now) around. A person life that fit in your hands and depending on how fast you read it you can learn what they learn in a fraction of the time they did. Take Edison for example ; he failed over 1000 times. Amount of time that had to take for him to get his project right. Unlike the small amount of time you took to completed the book about him. Learned what he learned in tenth of the time; you could have read it in a month time or less. Book are amazing and I just acquired a type of love for them.

For me the communication was the most important thing. I felt as long as I had that consistent line of communication with my mentor I will be able to stick on my path and  have a clear view on my goal that I am trying achieve. Trust built when I see the process working as I kept along the path. I say that because you can see that what your mentor tells you is true and you feel more willing to trust this person, listen to the new lesson and advise that they are willing to give. With that the vision become clearer and clear. For me i have gotten lucky to have two mentor to guide me on the path I am walking now. Their names are Ryan and Mitch, of course I had other people to help me guide me through this thing called life but these two have been a great help to me on my path now. It okay to have more than one mentor, some mentors are great in one area of your life than another, but if you can find one that all round great in all areas in your life that is amazing and hold on to that.

I have mentors in all forms and areas of my life. I am grateful for all those that gave me insight, feedback and obstacle to break through. Please take the time to find a mentor that will fit your lifestyle and willing to push you to that next level. Remember mentors can be found anywhere now; the world wide web (that www. for the people that might miss that), a teacher, that random family member, that one friend, that amazing book.

So now the big question is HOW? How do we seek out these masters and all knowing ones? We it start with knowing what skill you will like to learn, reading, writing, accounting, construction, editing and so on. After identifying what you will like to learn you must relieve and seek out who have been doing this skill longer and better than you. That means you have to search and research who been in this realm and thriving the best. You find your Obi-Wan Kenobi, now you need to find a way to get in front of them to and do the most important thing yet…….. ASK FOR HELP!

But, whatever you do.  You got to get up and do it. Be brave padawan and be great!

Copy ® 2019
By: David Alabi


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